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3 Sisters giving their own spotlight on living together,but living totally different lives! Samantha (31) Alyssa (24) Yesenia (26)( HENCE THE NAME SAY-N-THINGS LOL) go on to give their opinions on each others lives and discuss issues with different view points.

Recent Episodes

WE GIVE OUR NFL PICKS AND DISCUSS HOW PARENTING TEENAGE(DAUGHTERS) IS STRESSFUL AND WE WEREN'T READY FOR THAT TERRITORY !October 20, 2019 Episode artwork BEING A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY AND BEING FRIENDLY CAN SOMETIMES BE MISTAKEN FOR FLIRTING!! TRUE OR NOT TRUE ? August 12, 2019 Episode artwork INTRO: FOUR PART SERIES INTO OUR LOVE CONNECTION WITH FRANKY AND THAT DUDE July 29, 2019 Episode artwork DON'T EVER ASK YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER ON THE SHOW AND ALLOW HER TO ASK YOU ANYTHING !!July 01, 2019 Episode artwork EVEN US SISTERS HAVE FIGHTS June 17, 2019 Episode artwork DOES IT MATTER HOW BIG YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING IS AND IF IT WASN'T BIG ENOUGH WOULD YOU SAY NO! May 17, 2019 Episode artwork LOVE, MONEY & HAPPINESS BUT BEFORE WE GET INTO ALL THAT SIGN THIS PRENUP!!!April 19, 2019 Episode artwork MARRY ME BUT IM NOT CHANGING MY LAST NAME OR MOVING IN WITH YOU !March 28, 2019 Episode artwork MENTAL FITNESS AND WINE!!! DOES THAT EVEN GO TOGETHER ?March 13, 2019 Episode artwork WHAT IS REALLY CONSIDERED CHEATING NOW A DAYS ? March 04, 2019 Episode artwork WOMEN AND SPORTS ARE A GREAT MIX!February 28, 2019 Episode artwork THE PICKUP LINES GUYS COME AT YOU AT THE BAR !!!!!February 02, 2019 Episode artwork SATURDAY MORNING SHENANIGANS .... TAKE A LISTEN !!!January 27, 2019 Episode artwork CHRISTMAS PARTIES AND CO WORKERS ..... NAUGHTY OR NICE December 19, 2018 Episode artwork REMIND US NEXT TIME NEVER TO LET YALL PICK OUR TOPICS AGAIN .... SMH YALL MIGHT NOT WANNA LISTEN TO THIS December 11, 2018 Episode artwork DID YOU JUST MAKE AN 8YR OLD CRY ON HER BIRTHDAY ?!!December 04, 2018 Episode artwork SIRI WHEN DOES ..........D*** IT SIRI THATS NOT WHAT I ASKED!November 26, 2018 Episode artwork I SAW 2 WHALES AND BOUGHT A GIRAFFE .......YA HEARD RIGHT!November 08, 2018 Episode artwork IS THAT A BIRD, A PLANE, NOPE THAT IS A MAN'S PENIS IN THE SKY !!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD !October 24, 2018 Episode artwork I REALLY DID JUST GET CATFISHED!!!! NO YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE YOUR PICTURE October 18, 2018 Episode artwork HOW DO YOU BRING UP BODY ODOR TO SOMEONE YOU WORK WITH OR CARE ABOUT!!!!October 04, 2018 Episode artwork THE HOLIDAYS ARE ROLLIN IN BUT THE COWBOYS ARE DEFINITELY NOT !!!!September 26, 2018 Episode artwork Kids say the darnest things .....No they don't they know exactly what they're saying!!!! September 04, 2018 Episode artwork DOES AGE REALLY MATTER IN A RELATIONSHIP ???????August 27, 2018 Episode artwork Goodbye summer!!!! Hello school blah blah blahAugust 20, 2018 Episode artwork